Sabai now opens in Inverurie

Sabai is a very popular Thai restaurant based in Aberdeen .At the weekend booking  a table is very often the only way you can dine at Sabai during the weekend. Sabai have now open a new restaurant in Inverurie at the Garioch Centre on constitution street. This will be great news for diners in Inverurie , Sabai offer authentic Thai dishes and have build up an enviable reputation in Aberdeen for great food and customer service.

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Enjoy the taste of Thai cuisine

If you have ever been to Thailand you will be aware of just how delicious and tast the food is.From tom yum soup to a green curry and everything in between there is a dish to suit everyone. One of the best things about Thai food is the variety of herbs and spices used.This variety results in an array of taste sensations.

Authentic Thai cuisine should not be confused with UK adapted Thai cuisine.A restaurant serving genuine Thai cuisine will state this , this is the type of restaurant you should be seeking. The UK adapted variety of Thai cuisine will taste similar to chinese food , however , an authentic Thai dish will taste so much better. Anyone having visited Thailand will instantly know authentic Thai cuisine , if you haven’t been to Thailand ensure th restaurant you are going to only serves authentic Thai cuisine , cooked exactly the same way as it is back in Thailand.

Thai cuisine is traditionally spicy , there are milder dishes and if spicy food is an issue this would best be mentioned before you order so the waiter or waitress can help you choose a suitable dish. Thai cuisine is traditionally a very healthy cuisine , all ingredients are fresh and only the finest meat is used .

If Thai cuisine is new to you I can assue you you’ll be in for a treat !